Chinese Medicine takes a holistic approach to healing by looking at the whole person. The first step is to listen to you, the whole of you!
Chinese Medicine aims at returning balance within the individual. This “equilibre” doesn’t conform to a particular stereotype but it is unique to you at this time of your…
Many women have problems with their hormones and their cycles, leading to symptoms which can be very distressing.
The scope of Chinese Medicine’s effectiveness reaches far beyond the treatment of disease. It encompasses the nurturing of true health & wellness of all aspects of an individual…
Anne-Sophie Morel

Anne-Sophie Morel

PhD (Immunology), BSc (Hons), LicAC, Dip TuiNa, MBAcC

Acupuncturist, TuiNa therapeutic massage and Chinese Dietary therapist in North West London since 2005.

Equilibre means balance in French; For over 10 years I have striven to provide caring and compassionate treatments to help people return to their equilibre, at first through Tai Chi (teaching since 2002), then combining Acupuncture, TuiNa and Chinese Nutritional therapy in treatment plans that are unique to each patient.

Along the years, I realized that finding their point of balance, be it physical and/or emotional, gives the individual the freedom to choose where they want to go next, from starting to train again, having a child or embarking on the life journey they were born for. What would you do if you were free of disease?

After doing 14 years of medical research on the immune system, I fell in love with Chinese Medicine because it simply works and provides a very coherent view of a person and their dis-ease, once you get over the strange language. Western style research is only now getting the tools to validate it and explain how Chinese Medicine works. Exciting times! My scientific background allows me to bridge the two approaches and take the holistic approach one step further, truly integrating Mind, Body and Soul, Western and Eastern views to provide the best treatment for the patient.

Over the years, I have worked with people with a wide variety of conditions, sometimes well defined by Western standard, such as fertility issues, depression or pain relief, and sometimes more vague, such as tiredness or a sense of malaise. Being holistic, Chinese Medicine tries to establish the connections between all your symptoms and their cause, understand your landscape, at all levels. It does not really matter where we start from, as all aspects of your health will improve. That is the beauty of it.

Call me now to discuss this further, I offer 20 mins free consultations at Gracelands Yard.

I am also passionate about teaching Chinese Medicine and passing on the skills and knowledge to patients during classes or consultation, as well as students. I am the Course Leader and a lecturer on the degree level Acupuncture course at the City College of Acupuncture. Teaching is a great way of sharpening your skills, all to the patients benefit! Please visit the website for more details about the course.

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Most importantly, I am passionate about what I do. Every patient I see matters deeply to me, and I go the extra mile to ensure that you get the outcome you want and need.


Anne-Sophie Morel

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N.B., Nov 2013, endometriosis, gastrointestinal problems, back pain I have been seeing Anne-Sophie for a few months now for endometriosis related problems as well as digestive issues. I was hesitan

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