What happens in an Acupuncture session?
Acupuncture treatments take place within a calm, relaxed environment, with the patient lying on a table. Fine needles are inserted painlessly into specific areas of the body and once inserted can remain for around 20 minutes before they are removed. Acupuncture may be combined with cupping, gua sha, moxibustion (heat), massage, nutritional advice as required.

During follow up session, your progress will be reviewed and a revised prescription applied.

How long do Acupuncture sessions last?
The initial session lasts for one hour and a half, including an in-depth consultation. Subsequent sessions last for 45 minutes to 1hr.

Does it hurt?
No. Anne-Sophie uses very fine, single use, pre-sterilised needles with guide tubes. You may not feel the needle at all when it is inserted. When stimulated, you may feel a tingling, warm or dull sensation; something unusual but not painful. Stimulation of specific points on the body affects certain organs; these points may however not be close to where you feel the symptoms: for instance, points on the feet might be included for headache treatment. Your practitioner may want to burn smokeless moxa (Chinese mugwort) over the points, creating a warm relaxing feeling.

Is it safe?
Yes. As long as your practitioner is a member of the British Acupuncture Council (MBAcC), you can be sure that your therapist has completed a thorough training in Traditional Acupuncture and appropriate Western Medical Sciences. Look for the letters MBAcC after a practitioner’s name. Anne-Sophie is MBAcC.

I am pregnant, can I have acupuncture?
Yes. Definitely! Obstetrics is one of the oldest specialization in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture can help from pre-conception, all the way throughout pregnancy, to induction and post-natal care. Please make sure that your practitioner knows you are or are trying to get pregnant as some point are contraindicated in those circumstances.

Do I need to do anything before acupuncture?
Not really, but please do not arrive very hungry or after a glass or two of wine, or a joint! If it is your first visit, please be sure to bring a list of the medication you are taking, and remember to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing.

Will I need to do anything after acupuncture?
Acupuncture affects different people in different ways. Some people get tired after acupuncture, especially if they have not had it before. You might experience a feeling of calm. If this is one of the intent of the treatment, you may want to relax afterwards and enjoy the feeling.
Please note that it is advisable to not drink any alcohol on the same day that you have treatment. Acupuncture is a very subtle treatment, and the affect of alcohol may negate the efficacy of the treatment. This applies just to the day of treatment – taking alcohol on the day before or after is completely OK. Please do not book an appointment on a day when you are intending to drink alcohol afterwards.

Is the cost of treatment covered by my private health insurance?
Possibly – please check with your health provider, as individual schemes have different terms and conditions. Anne-Sophie is registered with some of the providers.

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