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Two quotes seem appropriate here

  • “The spleen/pancreas likes to stretch”, so gentle twisting movement are very good to boost the digestive system. Tai Chi will of course do that, but so will dancing!
  • “To get a little you have to give a little”. So you have to spend a little energy in doing some exercise to get a boost of energy. Living a sedentary life style will mostly drain your resources. Moving and nourishing your energy go hand in hand.

Just as diet, that exercise is important to maintain and restore health is well publicised. There is a wealth of information out there, which is often conflicting and confusing. The reason is that everybody’s situation and needs are different, so applying the same plan to everybody just doesn’t work. Finding the right kind of exercise can be very empowering as you take control of your health. However it has to be adapted to your circumstances, your current and past level of health.

Again this is not a question of one size fits all. Running for instance can be fantastic to move frustration, but the pounding is also very harsh on knees and back, so maybe not for someone with a history of lower back problems. Conversely meditation can bring peace and calm, but may be too sedating for someone with depression. Finding an activity that you truly enjoy is also very important to help you stick with it.

Beyond simply doing sport, bringing awareness of postural problems during every day activities can also be a first and crucial step in your recovery and prevent reoccurrence. If appropriate we will discuss this during your treatment, and discuss how you can bring change. Check out the testimonial page to see what patients have said.

In China of old, a good doctor was a doctor without patients. Meaning that the emphasis was on preventing disease, patients paying the doctor to help them maintain their health and stopped paying the minute they were ill. Having built a picture of your internal and external landscape during the consultation, I will work with you to create a bespoke plan incorporating exercise and diet, to bring about lasting results and reach your health goals.

As for me, my sports of choice are Tai Chi, Qigong and pilates, although I have been know to swim as well. Tai Chi is a martial art and is best know for its gentle flowing movements. Qi Gong literally means the skilful practice of gathering, circulating, and applying life-force energy. These are sets of breathing exercises devised to train the whole body and will exercise all the meridians, stretching and strengthening, bringing health and balance to mind, body and soul. The emphasis is on breath, grounding and strength and power through softness.

There are hundreds of styles of Tai Chi and Qi Gong, some much more physical and some much gentler; and the discussion is beyond the scope of this page. All have developed in parallel with Chinese Medicine, and many great martial artists were also great doctors. Some of these Qi Gong sets are particularly appropriate for beginners, such as the Eight Pieces of Brocade (Baduanjin) or one of the Five Elements sets, and are very easy to learn. No need for particular space, mat or equipment. They are the perfect complement to your Acupuncture treatment, and a great way to regain as well as maintain health.

Anne-Sophie currently only teaches Yang style Tai Chi and Qigong privately. Feel free to call her to discuss this in more depth on 07779111248.

Hot of the press:

Our next beginners Qigong workshop on the 9th June is fully booked; We will be going through the basics of Qigong as well as learn a very easy Five Elements form you can practice at home straight away. As a few people are still on the waiting list I will put another date very shortly, call me if you are interested on 07779111248.

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