N.B., Nov 2013, endometriosis, gastrointestinal problems, back pain

I have been seeing Anne-Sophie for a few months now for endometriosis related problems as well as digestive issues. I was hesitant at first as I hadn’t had the best experience with acupuncture previously but on the recommendation of my gynaecologist who has stated that acupuncture is the only alternative medicine he genuinely believes works, I made an appointment to see Anne-Sophie. I was instantly struck by how knowledgeable she was about the human body and she instantly alleviated my concerns. She took the time to understand my ailments but also me as a person and was hugely compassionate and turned my always worried mind into a calmer place instantly! After only one session, I noticed that the relevant pains were much improved and I was just generally a lot more relaxed.  Not only has she treated the symptoms but she has also helped educate me in understanding the mechanics of the monthly cycle which has been hugely beneficial. I cannot recommend her enough. 


Beth, Sept 2013, natural fertility
When I decided to try for a baby, I visited Anne-Sophie on the recommendation of two friends who had both become pregnant after acupuncture sessions with her.  Anne-Sophie was fantastic from the start. She listened carefully during my initial consultation and really took the time to understand me both physiologically and emotionally. I felt in very capable, trustworthy hands. We planned which days of my monthly cycle would be best to see her in order to optimize my chances of conceiving. We also discussed nutrition in depth and she gave great advice on food and recipes to help build blood and aid conception. I went each week for three weeks and was over the moon to discover that I was pregnant at the end of that same month. I never dreamed it would happen so quickly or so easily – it had taken five months to conceive my first child – and I am convinced that Anne-Sophie’s skills and knowledge played a huge part in helping making my dream a reality. Thank you Anne-Sophie!


Carol Munro, Dec 2012, arthritis
I have arthritis in every part of my body as a result of catching a virus when travelling in Ethiopia several years ago. The symptoms range from itchy and swollen joints to stiffness and,  from time to time, a lot of pain. I have been going to Anne-Sophie for acupuncture for about 7 years and have found her treatment to be excellent and very effective .I have particularly benefited from our discussions on using diet and exercise as a way of controlling the symptoms Her treatment has been, and continues to be, a life line for me.


Anita Barker, March 2013, fibromyalgia

I have suffered from fibromyalgia and a variety of ailments for the past four years, I like many others, have gone through all the usual National Health channels mostly to no avail. Having been led to believe that “this was it, for the rest of my life”, all that was available was non-effective pain relief, I was left feeling very flat with no hope for the future.


Then along came the “lady with magic hands” (as I now refer to her), Anne-Sophie has dramatically changed my life, she is so knowledgeable and compassionate that after just a consultation you leave feeling hopeful and positive, this is the first step towards a pain free life. After ten sessions I am no longer constantly in chronic pain, my mobility is so improved that my quality of life is much better. I now know there is more that can be done, that there is a cycle to this kind of pain that can be broken, so fellow sufferers we do not need to dread our future what we need to do is visit Anne-Sophie at Equilibre. 


Anne-Sophie offers a wide range of treatments, I myself had acupuncture and gua sha with tremendous benefits and I have no doubt that there is a treatment for everyone. I would like to thank Anne-Sophie from the bottom of my heart for sharing her knowledge and the use of her “magic hands”, I will never forget you!!  


A.H., 36, ongoing, fertility and IVF support

“After suffering from Anorexia for 10+ years, not having menstrual cycles, and 36yrs old, I had written off ever conceiving a baby.

Following two difficult Acupuncture experiences and three failed IVF cycles, I met Anne-Sophie. She immediately put me at ease, and outlined a treatment programme for my fourth IVF cycle. Working in-conjunction with the IVF, she was sympathetic to my needs and fully understood the treatment involved and pressures on my body.

Incredibly, I fell pregnant immediately and now have a treasured, beautiful baby boy! It’s amazing. I’m 100% certain Anne-Sophie’s sessions played a hugely important part. Her programme was different to any other acupuncture I’d had before. She was brilliant and positive throughout. I had a very simple easy birth… which encouraged me to start another IVF round when my son was 10 months old.

Naturally, I was apprehensive it would take a number of cycles to fall pregnant again. So I worked very closely with Anne-Sophie – and beyond belief – I fell pregnant on my first cycle. I’m currently pregnant, and expecting my second baby in July. God willing all will be well. Thank you Anne-Sophie. You have changed mine, and my husband’s lives forever. “


Kayt Hall, Feb 2012, IVF support

Anne Sofie was part of our IVF journey which eventually had a positive outcome.

Throughout this time she treated both my husband and myself with noticeable and obvious improvements in our fertility issues. She also looked after me through both my pregnancies helping with headaches, back pain etc.

Anne Sofie not only treats you with acupuncture but can guide you in terms of nutrition and she takes an overall view of your situation not just the matter at hand.

She has a great calming nature and I truly looked forward to our sessions because they did such good & also because I found them relaxing. Yep in spite of her needles which I might add are NOT painful she exudes a wonderful peace that rubs off on you.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.


A.C., March 2013, back pain, anxiety, morning sickness

I have been seeing Anne-Sophie almost weekly for about two years now. Never could I have imagined the positive impact she would have on my wellbeing, on both a physical and emotional level. She looks at everything that is going on in your life and is a master at connecting the dots. She has helped me with several issues, ranging from back pain, acne, anxiety and morning sickness. She has also taught me so much about the relationship between food and health, and over time I have completely changed my eating habits accordingly and never felt better. What I love most about Anne-Sophie is that she takes her time in getting to know you and that she genuinely seems to listen and care. I think that it is rare find these days, she is a true gem!


Becca, June 2013, immune system support and well-being

The real sense of care and deep level of support I feel when I have a treatment with Anne-Sophie is a wonderful thing that almost defies words. I know that I will be truly heard and my symptoms seen through the ears and eyes of a very wise, knowledgeable and warm hearted therapist which is just gold dust in my book.


Barry Danser, neck and shoulder pain, other health issues

I have known Anne Sophie for more than 20 years and therefore have seen her progress her studies and her practice during this time. However it was only when I had some medical problems which had been going on for years did I really find out how good she really is!
Every time I arrive at her surgery she quizzes me on how I have been what i have been eating and  asks me lots and lots of questions until she fully appreciates the symptoms and my progress. Only then does she examine me and decide on the treatment. She is able to tell me how I have been sitting standing and how much time I have spent in front of the computer!
After the treatment advice and/or medication is given and this process is repeated each time I go. To say that Ann-Sophie is meticulous in her work would be the understatement of the Year!
The result better posture no pain in my neck and shoulders plus my other health problems have been treated holistically too. I just know that if you go to her for treatment you will be writing her praises on this website very soon


A. L., January 2013, back pain, anxiety
I have been seeing Anne-Sophie for acupuncture on and off for a few years now for one off sessions when needed or for courses of treatment. I first went to see her for back pain however, as different events took their course in my life, I discovered that acupuncture could be used to treat emotional traumas – after Anne-Sophie’s treatments I would feel a calm relief and be able to rest and sleep, sometimes for the first time in days.

If you need proof that acupuncture works, one session I arrived with a big hangover and left an hour later without it! I didn’t make the appointment because of the hangover – that was a happy coincidence on my part. But that is one of the benefits of going to see Anne-Sophie, she will really listen to whatever you bring to the session and work on that.

One of the things I have really benefitted from Anne-Sophie’s sessions is her holistic approach and, through seeing her, I am so much more aware of the link between my diet and lifestyle and health. Anne-Sophie’s training means that she provides advice about nutrition, lifestyle and things like posture too so that you can support the work she does in the sessions and I have learnt to help myself in my health.

Lastly, tui ana massage, which is part of Chinese medicine, is one of the most effective massages I have received. Not only does it work on the muscles, but on the fascia, skin and chi meridians. Anne-Sophie is able to read the body using her vision and her touch and always gets to the right spot. I think Anne-Sophie’s previous science training means that her approach is always systematic and thorough while her passion for acupuncture means that she is always updating and reflecting on her skills and that you always leave the sessions feeling you have got Anne-Sophie’s full, undivided attention and that she has done the very best she can for you.


Sue Higgs, March 2013, immune system, stress, pain relief
I have been seeing Anne-Sophie for nearly 3 years now.
I first visited her after a particularly nasty virus which she helped me to recover from.
Since then, I have been to see Anne-Sophie regularly and she has helped support me ever since.
Everything from a broken hand, to stress to my sore back, she had treated me with acupuncture, dietary advice, Gua-sha, whatever would be beneficial for me.
I’ve always found Anne-Sophie to be friendly, caring and positive. I love her holistic approach, always taking time to talk about my diet, as well as whatever’s going on in my life.
I look forward immensely to seeing Anne-Sophie and the sense of
wellbeing I feel after each visit.
I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Anne-Sophie to anyone, she is a pleasure to visit, and in fact I think everyone should go!


Lorraine Walker, April 2012, all around well-being
“… I wanted to thank you for being so wonderful….You helped me get through one of the worst period of my life and for that I am truly grateful. I felt safe in your hands and appreciated so many things about you: your skills as an acupuncturist, your knowledge on nutrition, your sense of humour, wisdom, optimism and those lovely cool hands! Thanks to you I feel healthier, saner and more able to cope with the nicks and scrapes in every day life…”


Christos Logothetis, ongoing, ankylosing spondylitis, well-being
I have seen Anne-Sophie on and off since 2005 for acupuncture, Tui Na and Tai Chi. My health since then has greatly improved and I can now live a full life, including driving and babysitting my grand-children. That would not have been manageable before. As a scientist myself, I especially appreciate that Anne-Sophie  has managed to bridge Western and Chinese medicine . She can alleviate symptoms fast and set the foundations for recovery and cure. All this is done with true care and detailed personal attention.

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